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Tourism in Cambodia is one of the major industries; it attracts over two million tourists and the numbers are still rising. Cambodia's cultural and diverse attractions can be attributed to its cultural diversity that reflects the country's rich history dating far back till the sixth century.

Traditionally, Cambodia contains diversity of tourism side, historical & cultural aspects(Angkor temples), is fast developing into a fabulous resort location with a wide diversity of entertainment landmarks. Also the world wonder and the sacred site of the Preah Vihear temple are both honored as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The peerless expressions of the Apsara Dancers are unique only to Cambodia; the movements illustrates the calmness and warmth of the Khmer people.

Cambodia is also blessed with a beautiful coastline miles after miles of pristine beaches. It has many undisturbed beautiful islands where tourists can enjoy fascinating colonies of under-water creatures, including some fish species that are unique only in this part of the world. It is no wonder that Cambodia was recently acknowledged by the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club and is pending to be installed as a member of this prestigious league. The south-westerly coast boasts also some of the last remaining pristine mangrove forests in Southeast Asia: ''rainforests by the sea'' it's among the most biologically diverse wetlands on earth.

For the true nature lover, the eastern frontier tip of Cambodia offers many interesting landmarks with opportunities for tracking through the beautiful jungle on an elephant back, bathing at waterfalls, visiting indigenous tribes and enjoy crystal clear volcanic lakes. But also many other ecotourism sites are developing for upcoming tourist arrivals.

With general tourism, visits are often marketed and organized by private travel companies. The bulk of the profits leave the community, and only a few private individuals may benefit from the enterprise. In contrast, CBET is managed and run by the community members themselves. All of the management decisions are mady by, or in consultation with the community, and all of the profits directly benefit the local community. The main positive impacts include benefit sharing among the community members, community participation, community control, empowerment and conservation. By managing the interactions between the host and the visitors, the negative impacts of tourism to the community and environment can be minimized.

Community-based ecotourism (CBET) addresses the well-being of the community and the surrounding environment. While supporting local communities and improving livelihoods, the natural and cultural resources of the area are protected and conserved. Ecoutourism is a type of sustainable tourism in which tourists experience, appreciate and enjoy the nature and culture of their destination. The negative impacts of tourism are minimized while an incentive for conserving natural and cultural features is provided. CBET helps to protect nature and support the lives of the local community. It provides alternative incomes which encourages the community to protect its natural resources, rather than destroy them through unsustainable use. Through CBET, visitors get the chance to know the local Cambodian people, enjoy their hospitality, join them in everyday life and learn about their culture and environment. This authentic form of tourism takes visitors to Cambodian communities and their beautiful natural areas.

Actually, Asia Explorer Travel is growing with some efforts concern the community as we are fully committed to ensure that it is the local communities that benefit from our service arrangement in a positive and sustainable whay. And minimizing our impact on the environment as much as possible. These days, our operation stays a relatively maximized profit and supports the local community directly via any supplier chains facilities. Our ecotourism package tours are based on the maximum of 08 persons per tour, which significantly minimizes our impact. Especially on the more remote and rural areas that we shall visit. With these small groups we are able to use the minivan and local motor-taxi, bicyle and other trekking activities. Like that we can keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and of course minimize the damage to the roads and tracks. And on the other side, our prior to the start of a tour we will advise our clients on the cultural aspects of the country, so that we are always considerate towards the local way-of-life and local customers.

The impact of the past conflicts and social disruption in Cambodia on the current generation is a massive responsibility for the Government, such as: hopeless old people, the mine-victims in the most heavily-mined countries (people are facing nine dangers), destroyed environment, social infrastructure and human resource. So the Government requires many charitable enterprises and NGO's in Cambodia which support the community, to reconstruct and foster the remnant of victims. Some organisations, which take homeless children from the streets  and houses, educates and provides them trainings to eventually find them a job in the hospitality industry. Those efforts, what we are doing with ecotourism, donate the most directly and indirectly to the organisation in seperate areas as much as possible.

Asia Explorer Travel - Cambodia is potentially optimistic, you will be able to learn more about our country and the warmest smiling people due to your arrivals. That should made total foreign exchange some earnings, and it's now growing in entrepreneurial opportunities for the historical disadventages, poverty relief, employment and local economic development. It is a relatively labor intensive industry and it creates more employees a multiplicity of skills from the local community.

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