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Highlights of Sihanoukville
AXT - S01
Tour Duration : 04:30 Hours


Highlights of Sihanoukville - Tour Code: AXT-S01


Enjoy this overview of the distinctive charms of Sihanoukville, a beach-rimmed resort city known for its relaxed attitude and traditional pagodas. Departing from the pier, you will drive directly to Wat Krom, a pagoda where many residents of Sihanoukville practice Buddhism. Here, you may see monks chanting, and young monks learning Pali, the sacred language of the Buddhist scriptures. Most of the pagodas in town are brightly painted and decorated with deities represented by hooded snakes, particularly king cobras. They are called nagas, a Sanskrit word for snake. Continuing on, you'll come to the famed Golden Lion roundabout, which is named for its statues of these jungle beasts. The lion has become a symbol of Sihanoukville that is depicted throughout the city. After a brief photo stop, you will make your way to a bustling local market. This area is known for extraordinary seafood, which you will see displayed here along with fresh vegetables and unusual items such as palm sugar, a natural sweetener. Next, an even more uncommon experience awaits you at the Snakehouse, known for its exhibits of exotic snakes and fresh water crocodiles. Your final stop is the luxurious Sokha Beach Resort, which sits in an idyllic, garden-like setting on the south side of Sihanoukville. Feel free to swim in the pool, take a leisurely stroll along the pristine shore, or simply relax and enjoy a cool drink. There is a restaurant and bar on site for those who wish to purchase a meal or beverage.  After a refreshing respite of approximately 1-hour, you will rejoin your coach and drive back to the pier.

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