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Chi Phat Community
AXT - ET02
14 Days

Chi Phat Community Based Eco - Tourism

Tour Name : Boating and Trekking on Veal Ta Prak Trail+O'Key Mountain
Tour Code : AXT - ET02
  : 14 Days: Phnom Penh - Chi Phat - Siem Reap (Extension from Chi Phat)
Highlight : Cultural, Charity, Natural Conservation, Waterfall Swimming, Tree Plantation, Boat riding for bird watching Sunset, Trekking, Wild animal viewing, Accommodate at Local Home stay & Cammpsite ...etc
Why should I choose an Ecotourism?

         : Contribute to the conservation of biological diversity
         : Sustain the well-being of local people
         : And share your experience with local people
         : Involves responsible action on the part of tourists and the tourism industry
         : Contributed primarily to small groups by small-scale businesses
         : Requires the lowest possible consumption of non-renewable resources
         : Encourage local participation, ownership & business opportunity or the rural
         : Create a renewed sense of pride in culture & tradition for community member

Upon arrival at Phnom Penh Int'l airport. Our tour guide welcome then transfer to check in. Free day at leisure. Overnight at hotel, Phnom Penh.
DAY 02: PHNOM PENH (Full Day Tour)   (B/-/-)
Today, we start visiting the Royal Palace was formerly called “PreahBarom Reach Veang Chaktomuk Mongkul” the meant it was conveniently located at the confluence of four rivers (the Upper Mékong, The Lower Mékong, the Tonlé Bassack and the Tonlé Sap). Nowadays it is only called “Preah Barom Reach Veang”. The Royal Palace is a royal residence now where His Majesty, the King of Cambodia, and the royal families live. In a common word, it is like a small town of royal dynasties.  The next stop at Silver Pagoda,  which was erected in the reign of King Norodom in 1892 and inaugurated in 1903. King Norodom’s successor, King Sisowath, who was his younger brother, kept reigning and decorating the inner wall. And home to a glittering array of Buddhist statuary. Then visit the National Museum, the world’s leading museum of Khmer sculpture. It can enable you to be more aware of Khmer cultural and historical value and literature through frescoes depicted on the theme of the Ramayana story. Khmer art has been shown since ancient times. We continue to visit Toul Sleng, known as the Museum of Genocide Crimes. In 1975 Toul Svay Prey High school was taken over to Pol Pot’s security forces who turned it into a prison known as Security Prison 21 (S–21). Next, visit the Central Market which is chockfull of stalls selling clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, stationery, and souvenirs. It is a good place for seeking a large selection of Buddha images, folk handicrafts, jewelry, Khmer silks, precious stones, wooden carvings, and classic musical instruments. Overnight at hotel.
DAY 03: PHNOM PENH - OUDONG (Full Day Tour)   (B/-/-)
After breakfast, we visit the killing filed of Cheung Ek – a soccer-field-sized area surrounded by farmland, the killing fields contain mass graves, slightly sunken, for perhaps 20,000 Cambodians, many of whom were tortured before being killed. Next  we will go shopping at  Russian Market to looking for souvenir like CD, cloth, silvered artwork, etc. You will visit some colonial building in the capital. After lunch, we have an overland excursion to Oudong, 35km from the north of Phnom Penh, en route you will see the Islamic villages, mosques and the local Islamic people lifestyle, then continue driving to Oudong visit the various temples and the three large stupas where the ashes of three Khmer former kings are preserved. Next we visit the Vihara of the 18 Cubit Buddha, which was dedicated to the vihara and the Buddha by King Sisowath in 1911. Then we back to Phnom Penh.
DAY 04, 03/11/11: PHNOM PENH - CHI PHAT * Only English speaking guide*   (B/L/D)
After breakfast at hotel in Phnom Penh. Check out then take a trip about 3:00 hours on the National Road # 4 & 48 to Koh Kong province upon arrival at Andoung Tuek village. Welcome by your local boat driver then taking that boat to Chi Phat community the journey will be  taken 01:30h. Lunch at community then to check in homestay /guesthouse. Next we walk to the nearby Chhay Chrey rapids with a local guide (about 2km), swim and relax “This site is most popular among villagers and local tourist that come to throw parties and have
a swim. It is great place for swimming but in the rainy season the current of water is too strong, so it is not possible to swim or cross the stream”.  14:30 P.M. motor taxi pick up from waterfall travel to Reforestation Project Nursery (about 3km, helmets provided), visit and have explanation about the reforestation project, visitor plant a tree and contribute to Conservation of the Cardamoms (optional). 17:00 P.M. drive to Phnom Tra goal “or the Bald Mountain, thick forests with big tress used to cover this area but during Pol Pot regime, they were cut down for farming. In the time of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea following the Khmer Rouge Regime when civil war wracked t  he country, this place was used as a barracks for soldiers, leaving the compounds full of mines.  The land mines have since been cleared by de-miners from CMAC contracted by Wildlife Alliance. This site panoramic view is excellent for sunrise or sunset point ” (about 3km from commune). Dinner at community.  Overnight at Home Stay/Guesthouse
DAY 05: CHI PHAT - DAMNAK KHOS - VEAL TA PRAK (Silver Field)   (B/L/D)
*only English speaking guide escorted *
Early get up at 06:00 A.M. for sunrise, birds watching trip on a motor and traditional row boat along the Stoeng Proat (Cattle Skin Cord) River “This river was originally called Stoeng Khse Sornthoeung Proat, but later on it was shortened to Stoeng Proat means to separate from each other. The name of the river comes from the story of Prah Kor. A long time ago, Prah Kor was the champion fighting bull of Cambodia and the Siamese king was jealous of the Khmer people for having this great bull. Prah Kor was a magical bull, and he only ate the most delicious food in Cambodia. The king of Siam challenged Prah Kor to a fighting competition with Siam’s bull. Unlucky, the king cheated and used a mechanical bull. Prah Kor was defeated by the Siam bull, and the king wanted to capture him and take him away to further humiliate the Khmer people. Prah Kor and his sister Prah Keo, tried to hide amongst other cattle near the river. But the king of Siam’s fortuneteller predicted that Prah Kor would be hiding in this place and Siamese soldiers came to capture him with magic ropes that Prah Kor could not break. AS a result, he was separated from the other cattle and captured. Since then, the river is called Stoeng Khse Sonthoeung Proat, which means (Stretching ropes to separate)”, the trip including: motor boat take about 01:00h & row boat about 02:00 h) “Breakfast, Quality Binoculars and Life jackets provided on boat ”.  About 10.00 A.M. arrive in Domnak Khos (Sleeping place) and start trekking to Veal Ta Prak with local guide. Lunch at O’Chonleas Pran (Refugee River) and continue trekking to Antong Prang campsite near 2 small stream and meadow. 17.00 P.M. Evening walk to the nearby Veal Ta Prak pond to try spotting wild animals which come to the pond, Come back to camp site and have dinner made by the forest cook. Overnight at Antong Prang camp site Community Based Eco Tourism, your get-away to a green adventure.
DAY 06: VEAL TA PRAK - O'KEY (Loom River) VILLAGE - O'MALU   (B/L/D)
*only English speaking guide escorted*
Early get up at 05:30 A.M. walking to the nearby Veal Ta Prak pond to try spotting wild animals. 08.00 A.M Breakfast at campsite made by the forest cook and start trekking to the Veal Ta Prak junction “Veal Ta Prak Pond, a grassy field in the middle of the jungle with a seasonal pond where wildlife such as Sambar deer and wild pigs can be seen. The field is named Veal Ta Prak after a minority tribal man who lived in the Cardamoms around 300-400 years ago who was told in his dream to dig for the silver treasure and jewellery buried in the field. Oral histories report that the minorities were either killed or taken prisoners to become slaves in Thailand during the Khmer-Thai wars”.   And continue on the O’Key “The people of O’Key live in a small and remote village located in an abundant valley 13 Km north of community. People in the area use the fertile highland red soil to work their (Chamkar) where they grow rice, bananas and other seasonal crops. ” trail and have lunch in O’Key village (by forest cook), visit  O'Key mountain community then   O’Malu Water fall “The word O’mean stream in English and the word Malu means betel. This site is located north of the quiet village of O’Key”, there is a nice and high waterfall and a big pool for relaxing and swimming at that site. 07.00 pm Dinner (forest cook) Over night at O’Malu campsite.
DAY 07: O'MALU CAMPSITE - CHI PHAT (About 14 km)   (B/L/D)
*only English speaking guide escorted*
8:00 am Breakfast at O’Malu Campsite or at O’Kay home stays (By forest cook), Start trekking back to Chi Phat at your time of convenience! 12.00 pm Arrive in Chi Phat – Have lunch at community, shower at guest house and dinner (18:30 By cooking group).
Over night at Home stay/guest house.
DAY 08: CHI PHAT - PHNOM PENH (Car with guide) - SIEM REAP (Flight)   (B/-/-)
After breakfast at community departure to the pier take a boat to Angdoung Tuek port then our tour guide will welcome you again and in the late afternoon flight to Siem Reap, upon arrival local tour guide will welcome then transfer to check-in.  Overnight at selected hotel, Phnom Penh.
DAY 09: SIEM REAP (Half Day Tour)   (B/-/-)
After breakfast at hotel, free at your own leisure till after lunch time then proceed to start your trip with a cruise to Tonlé Sap Lake (largest inland body of water), Enjoy the spectacular views as you cruise along the Tonle Sap Lake, which you to see fascinating fishing villages, one of Asia’s largest fishing villages. On the way back to town, go shopping at Old Market then visit Artisans D’Angkor to discover the traditional Khmer techniques used for  stone and wood carving, lacquering and gilding, The numerous items made in the workshops are inspired by the rich Cambodia heritage, In the evening, proceed to watch sunset on Phnom Bakheng hill. Overnight at hotel, Siem Reap

Optional Angkor National Museum USD12/p  www.angkornationalmuseum.com
DAY 10: SIEM REAP (Sunrise at Angkor Wat view, Full Day Tour)   (B/-/-)
Early morning drive to Angkor Wat to view sunrise, then return to refresh and breakfast at hotel. This morning, visit the South Gate of Angkor Thom (Great Angkor or Great City). Angkor Thom is a 3km walled and moated royal city and was the last capital of the Angkorian Empire. After Jayavarman VII recaptured the Angkorian capital from the Cham invaders in 1181, he began a massive building campaign across the empire, constructing Angkor Thom as his new capital city. The ancient walled city of Angkor Thom contains the famous Bayon Temple with its more than 200 enormous, mysterious smiling faces. Next, visit to the Terrace of the Elephants. Impressive, two and half-meter tall wall spanning the heart of Angkor Thom in the front of Baphoun and Phimeanakas, Carved elephants and giant Garudas adorn the wall. Terrace of the Leper King – a double terrace at the north end of the  Terrace of the Elephants with deeply carved nagas, demons and other mythological beings. After lunch, visit ANGKOR WAT – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Angkor Wat, the largest temples in the world, with a volume of stone equalling that of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt/ The temples of Angk  or, built from 879-1191AD, when the Khmer civilization was at the height of its development, represent one of humankind’s most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements. Siem Reap.
DAY 11: SIEM REAP (Phnom Kulen, Kbal Spean   (B/-/-)
Breakfast, you will drive to Phnom Kulen mountain, the most sacred of all Khmer Pilgrimage sites situated in a picturesque location about 60 Km from Siem Reap town. Approached by a scenic mountain road it give some of the best landscape views in the Area.  Enjoy swimming the waterfall is a popular bathing place. Returning on the way  go clamming & trekking mountain about 1,5 Km to visit Kbal Spean, "The River of a Thousand Lingas". On the  way back to town take a small time to discovery of the famous temple of Banteay Srei, the
"City of Women", a jewel of pink sandstone carved entirely dedicated to Shiva and built in the 10th century by King Jayavarman V, through the temple of Prasat Kravan built in the  year 921 .  O/N at hotel in Siem Reap

*Optional Angkor  light show USD38/p 
DAY 12: SIEM REAP   (B/-/-)
Breakfast at hotel then continue to visit the earliest temples of the Angkor period at Roluose, including Preah Ko, Bakong and Lolei for a useful chronological perspective on Angkor’s development. In the afternoon, visit of Baray Oriental sites built by Rajendravarman:  Banteay Kdey, Pre Rup, Preasat Khleang, Mebon Oriental, Taprom Temple “covered by jungle”. This day can see as close to the countryside around Siem Reap and the lives of small villages. O/N at hotel in  Siem Reap.
DAY 13: SIEM REAP (Full day at Cambodian Cultural Village) Without guide   (B/-/-)
Breakfast at hotel free at your own leisure then take you to entrance Cambodian Cultural Village, there are 11 unique villages, which represent different culture heritages and characteristics of 19 multi races. At each village, the tourists will be able to enjoy the excellent wood houses, carving, soft skill in stone, traditional performances in the different style such as: Apsara Dancing, performance of ethnic minorities from Northeast of Cambodia, traditional wedding ceremony, Circus, Popular games, Peacock dancing, Acrobat, elephants shows, boxing, and more.... On Mon-Thursday the show start at 11:00 A.M.–06:00 P.M and on Fri-Sunday 11:00 A.M.-08:00 P.M.  Overnight at hotel , Siem Reap
Breakfast at hotel free at your own leisure then transfer to Siem Reap Airport for flight departure.

Cambodiana or Similar Phnom Penh or Similar Cardamom or Similar
Borei Angkor or Similar Paradise Angkor or Siimilar Dara Reang Sey or Similar
Inclusive Prices:
  • Transportation in private air-conditioned
  • Accommodation in twin/trip shared & homestay
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Addmission fee to indicated sights
  • Boat trip as mention in the program (If any)
  • Domestic flight, Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with airport tax
  • Package tour in Chiphat 4D/3N included meal as mentioned
  • Round trip ferry 1.30 h/ way at Chiphat
  • Phnom Kulen & Cambodia Cultural Village ticket
  • Meals: Breakfast and full board as program
  • Drinking water & cold tissue on vehicle
  • Gov't tax and service charge
  • Asia Explorer Travel's gift on arrival & dept
 Exclusive prices:
  • Visa on arrival US$ 20/pax
  • Domestic air ticket, boat, bus tickets
  • Int'l air tickets to / from Cambodia
  • Int'l airport tax from Cambodia, US$25/pax
  • Travel Insurance in all kinds
  • Single room (quoted separately)
  • Meal full board 9Lunch+9Dinner at local restaurant
  • Tip, drinks, personal expesnses
  • Other services aren't mentioned
  • New Year Eve, Christmas Eve
  • Odyssey rate from 29 December to 06 January

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